What is Data Conversion?

Data Conversion is the process of taking one computer file and reorganising the data into a different format. When a file is created and saved, the data will be structured in a way that is specific to the software that created it. Unfortunately, another piece of software may not recognise this structure and so the file has to be converted to a different format. For example, your smart phone may well be able to play compressed music in .mp3 format, but unable to play the same song in an uncompressed .wav format.

How can this help my business?

Rather than music or video files, it is more likely that your business makes use of Microsoft Office files or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) documents. And, while tools are available to convert files between common formats, this can be time-consuming, especially if a large number of documents are involved. Many conversion tasks can be automated, either completely or to a large extent, and a re-useable script to convert documents can save many hours of tedious leg-work.

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