What is Digital Design?

Digital Design is the creation or manipulation of any element (graphic, drawing, photograph, layout, etc) using a computer. This may be the creation of a logo or letterhead for your business, designing a web page, or changing a frown to a smile on a photograph.

How can this help my business?

While the impact of the World Wide Web may seem irrelevant to someone who repairs bicycles for a living, there is no denying that we live in an age where your customers are much more likely to search for your business on their computer or smart phone than to look in the Yellow Pages. Because of this, for many potential customers, your online presence becomes your 'shop window' and it is the first impression they have of your business, your professionalism and the standard of service they can expect. People do judge books by their covers.

Maybe you are starting up in business and want to create a brand that is consistent across everything you do. Maybe you want a logo that can be inserted into printed documents as well as acting as a header for any emails that you send. Maybe you need a new graphic for your shop sign or an advertising campaign, or you just want to redesign your existing graphics to keep up with modern trends.

There is an increasing demand in the business world for photographic retouching and recolouring. For example, if a brochure needs to show a shirt in red and you only have a photo of the yellow one, it is much easier (and cheaper) to have it recoloured than it is to arrange for another photo to be taken.

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