What is Data Mining?

Data Mining is the process of inspecting web pages and automatically retrieving the required data. The automation aspect of Data Mining means that literally thousands of data samples can be retrieved in a minute fraction of the time it would take to collect the data manually. For example, we were recently commissioned to collect football results from a sports website and within four hours of starting the script, we had collected the results of over 250,000 matches. Before coming to us, the client had managed to manually collect around 3,000 results in a week. From this, the client was able to determine that 9% of all games ended 2-1 to the home team, while only 6% ended 2-1 to the away team.

How can this help my business?

While the football scores might not help your business, it might be useful, if you are a used car dealer, to know how many BMW models your rival has in stock, or the average price he is charging for a three-year-old Vauhall Astra.

The ability to search for completed listings on eBay means that you can gather data on items that have already sold and what price they achieved. What's more, many pages, as well as containing data, contain links to other pages that can be propogated to collect even more information.

Please be aware that we will only undertake work to retrieve data from legitimately accessible sources. Any illegal hacking work will not be considered.

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